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August 24, 2019 | New York City
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From The Host Of The NetCon Tribeca Mastermind
Dear Entrepreneur,

I want you to understand a little bit about the NetCon event before you commit to attend. NetCon is not just an event, it's a community. Our mission is to create an environment where you are empowered to learn, ask questions, and grow on both personal and professional levels. 

We are bringing world class speakers, business professionals and leaders in the industry to share their secrets with you! Not only will you will have an opportunity to learn from and network with over 100 other entrepreneurs, but you will also be able to sit down with speakers of your choice and get any of your questions answered.

We are excited to see you at our mastermind! 

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what high-income skills will you learn?
The exact skills you need to build a ridiculously high income.
Social Media
Learn the secrets of building a million-dollar online business through powerful growth strategies on social media
Personal Branding
Learn from influencers who have built multi-million dollar companies and see how they got ahead of their competitors. 
Master Affiliate Marketing
Discover how you can make another stream of income utilizing affiliate marketing, and learn how people are successful at it. 
Expert Dropshipping Tips
Learn the NEW 2019 strategies of E-commerce, and how top dropshippers are making thousands of dollars a day. 
Master Sales & Persuasion
Discover how to close high ticket sales so you can profit massively on a higher scale, all while mastering sales & persuasion. 
& Much More!
NetCon is an event where connections Go From Friends To Millions. Discover so much more at this years NetCon
High-Income skills give you the freedom to live life on your own terms
Use your new high-income skills to travel the world in style and live a luxurious, nomadic life.
Enjoy the spoils of your news skills and finally get that car or house you’ve been dreaming about.
With high-income skills comes freedom. Put more time into the projects and passions you love.
Feel safe and secure about your future knowing you’ll always have your high-income skills to count on.
Use your high-income skills to stack money, invest and grow your personal networth.
Use your new skills for good. Free up time and give generously to causes you care about.
Meet Matt,
Founder, Decoding Success
Matt LeBris is a born and raised NY’er who inevitably caught the hustler’s spirit that fills his hometown streets. A Forbes 30 Under 30 nominee, Matt has worked with Daymond John of ABC’s Shark Tank for the past 3 years on top of hosting the Decoding Success Podcast, founding his branding agency, 1B Branding, and traveling the country to speak in front of audiences, which helps to propel him closer to his goal of positively impacting the lives of one billion individuals.
Meet Kian,
Product Development & Sourcing Expert
• Designed, developed, sourced, and manufactured over 2,500 products
• Manufactured products for the NBA, United Nations, Olympic Games, Ministry of Defense as well as for some of the world’s top athletes such as Neymar Jr and Kobe Bryant
• Mentored over 200 Amazon entrepreneurs on better sourcing practices
• Board Member of Sedex, a world-leading organization for empowering responsible supply chains for Fortune 500 companies.
• Spoken at international events in Hong Kong, Los Angeles, China, London, Prague, Amsterdam, Las Vegas, and many more
• Created brands for UK big box retailers such as Tesco, Argos, Aldi, and more
• Won numerous international awards including the 2017 Sunday Times Fast Track Award for Top 100 UK Companies in Export Growth
Meet Ed,
Ed Stulak is an NJ Licensed Realtor & Social Media shark. He is an up and coming personal brand to continuously watch. In 2013 after an ice hockey injury, Ed received his wake up call and pushed a huge presence in the world of Social Media. He has earned several acclaimed titles in the industry such as; Creative Director, Chief Creative Officer, and Co-Founder of multiple companies that developed his digital platform niche and has shared the stage with names like Ryan Serhant, Gerard Adams, Ricky Carruth, and several other industry leaders. Along with selling real estate in New Jersey, today, Ed teaches National and International Real Estate Professionals how to grow a reputable & effective personal brand that matters. 
Meet Sean,
Founder, Jersey Champs
Sean Kelly is a 21 Yr Old Entrepreneur. He is the President of Jersey Champs, one of the largest jersey companies in North America. Sean has become a multi-millionaire and has been featured in several articles including but not limited to ESPN , Billboard magazine, Entrepreneur magazine, The Huffington Post, Forbes, Yahoo, ABC News, Fox News Channel, MSN, Business Insider, Daily mail, Complex, XXL magazine, USA Today, New York Times, BuzzFeed and a numerous blogs and podcasts. As of November 2018, Sean Kelly has a net worth of $3.6 million through his sole equity in Jersey Champs.
Meet George,
International Mindset & Business Consultant
 George Wohar IV was able to build two multi 6-figure businesses in completely different industries by the age of 23. He has helped his clients take their businesses to the million dollar level and beyond through his coaching expertise, and has helped many of his students build their businesses and leave their jobs. He is now on a mission to help all other entrepreneurs create the success and freedom they are after through his coaching and speaking. 
Meet Charlotte,
30 under 30 Megawatt Winner & Speaker
Charlotte de Brabandt is a Digital and Technology Keynote Speaker & Host with ample global speaking and industry experience in the field of automotive, timepieces, technology, pharma, consumer goods and medical devices. She has been known for hosting the TEDx Lugano event on professions of the future. She specializes in digital technologies, automation and AI. Furthermore she recently became famous for winning the ISM 2018, Rising Supply Chain Star Megawatt award. 
Meet Alex,
Founder, UADV
Alex Quin is a full stack marketing expert and global keynote speaker. He is the founder of UADV- a Forbes Accredited marketing firm with ties in the entertainment, fashion, e-commerce industries. Alex and his team specialize in scaling brands through strategic partnerships, content distribution, and collaborative marketing. 

Alex is also the founder of Hustle Inspires Hustle - a global entrepreneurship & self-development platform. He is the host of Hustle Inspires Hustle podcast with guests like Andy Frisella, Jason Stone, and Jeff Cole. Now available on Iheart radio, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts.
Meet Joe,
Founder, Staiberr Consulting
Joe Staiberr went from being a college dropout to 6-Figure Business Owner In 8 Months. He started & scaled multiple E-commerce businesses to over 6 figures, learned all the Backend, Personal Branding & Marketing Strategies that make a business successful. 

Joe went on to start StaiberrConsulting LLC, a consulting agency that now helps business revamp their brand & marketing strategies to increase sales & social credibility. 

This ambitious entrepreneur has previously been featured in Entrepreneur, Medium, Buzzfeed & Future Sharks & has a combined sales revenue of over a million

Joe understands the Importance of an online presence, and is now on a mission of helping 10,000 entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses while leveraging social media.
Meet Frank,
Fitness & Nutrition Specialist
Frank D'Agostino is a New York firefighter, Fitness & Nutrition Specialist and entrepreneur. He is co-owner of Transform Fitness & Training- a fitness facility in Westchester NY and CEO of Style Society By Joseph Smith, a new era barbershop with a classic twist. 

D'Agostino has helped transform clients lives through his unique approach to fitness and nutrition. He is a firm believer in educating others on the importance nutrition plays on your journey to becoming the ultimate version of yourself. He preaches that Health is Wealth and that they should be pursued synergistically.

Frank's workouts have been featured in Men's Health, he was named 914 Inc's 22 Under 30 in Biz in 2018 and it was just announced that Frank was named an ambassador for one of the top fitness brands in the world lululemon. 

Whether it's speaking to his clients and members at Transform Fitness or traveling to different high schools, colleges, and corporate companies - Frank's mission is to empower others about real nutrition-giving them the to the opportunity to make their own educated decisions. 
Meet Anthony,
Founder, Disrupt Puerto Rico
Anthony Delgado is an American Internet personality and serial entrepreneur who is mostly known for his work in Puerto Rico’s Entrepreneur & Startup ecosystem. Anthony is the mastermind behind many of the most successful brands. Anthony has collaborated with influencers like Tai Lopez, Gerard Adams, John Mallot, and Charlie Rocket and worked with brands like Armani, Steve Madden, Marvel Comics and K-Swiss. Odds are you’ve seen his consulting clients on hit TV shows, in popular magazines and on top podcasts and publications. 

Anthony is also the host of the Disrupt Podcast where he interviews the most disruptive entrepreneurs, leaders and change makers in the world. 
Meet Tetty,
Founder & CEO, Streben Marketing
Actress turned entrepreneur Stephanie "Tetty" Thomas has a helped over 213 local business owners with results-driven marketing management services. In 2007, she moved to New York City from the Dominican Republic with the hopes of pursuing an acting career on Broadway. After an unexpected turn of events, she decided to pursue a BBA in Marketing at Berkley College. The high demand of her skills from the professors and freelance clients led her to open her own marketing agency in 2013, right after graduation. She believes the adaptation of local business owners to the digital age is a fundamental factor of the wellbeing of the American economy and that their businesses deserve the same creative and technological resources that major brands can afford.

Tetty has collaborated with entities like Google by Entrepreneurs, IKEA Business, Square, JetSmarter, Build Your Empire, and most recently, has been assisting the Dropbox research team with their newest feature.

In 2019, Tetty will be focusing on turning her marketing agency into what will be the first fully-integrated marketing management app for local businesses. She is passionate about helping others turn their ideas into action and is hoping to one day own a foundation that focuses on female entrepreneurship and technology.
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